How to Care for Your Brazilian Weave to Increase Longevity

Brazilian hair

First of all, it must be said: Brazilian hair weave is absolutely, to die for, fabulous! Whether you desire tresses that are long and straight or curly and thick, Brazilian virgin Remy hair will not let you down. You can give your natural hair a subtle boost or create a drastic change that will “wow” everyone who sees it. How you take care of your weave, though, will make or break how long it will remain looking gorgeous, so it will be vital to understand exactly how to care for your new extensions and maintain a regular hair care routine while you are wearing them.

Caring For Your Weave

You will essentially treat your weave that is 100% real human hair just like your natural hair in regard to maintenance. You can wash it with your favorite softening shampoo to make it smell just you like you love your natural hair to smell. Once you rinse the shampoo out of your hair, you can apply your choice conditioner for extra softness and tangle-free protection. You can also apply a deep conditioner once per week to keep the weave extra soft and manageable.

Extra Shine & Protection – Plus Dry Scalp Treatment

To keep curly Brazilian extensions looking shiny and fabulous, you can add some olive oil to the wafts.  When you are wearing extensions, conditioner may not make it all the way into your natural roots and scalp. Keep your scalp and roots free from dry skin issues like dandruff and itchy scalp by applying tea tree oil to it once or twice per week. To apply these oils to your weave, roots and scalp, spread a teaspoon on your fingertips and gently massage the oil through the hair and into your scalp. If necessary, repeat this until your weave is super shiny and your scalp has been relieved of any itching. You do not want to over-oil the weave because, just like your natural hair, too much oil can leave it with a greasy appearance.


You can use whichever method of drying that you prefer, whether you like to towel or blow dry your weave is up to you; it can sustain heat just like your natural hair. You do not want to leave the hair wet for too long after you wash it, therefore be sure to sop most of the moisture out of the weave directly after washing. How you want to style it is left up to you. Because Brazilian virgin Remy hair is 100% human hair, unlike synthetic hair which may melt with heat styling, you can use a flat iron, curling iron, hot rollers, or any other styling tools to style your hair in magnificently stunning fashions.

Having a remarkably fantastic looking mane is not impossible if you have fine, limp hair or short hair that simply will not grow. Bellas crown Brazilian weave gives you the ability to have the gorgeous tresses that you have always longed for, without wearing wigs that can be too hot in the summertime. Get yours today and watch how people compliment your new appearance.

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